Scale up of glycan-coated gold nanoparticles

The latest generation of nanopharmaceutical

About the Project

Nanofacturing is a European funded project that brings together a number of expert companies throughout Europe. Together, these partners set out to develop a manufacturing platform to support the extensive pipeline of nanomedicines being developed in Europe.

The project focused on the scale up of glycan-coated gold nanoparticles, the latest generation of nanomedicines, and has designed and built pilot manufacturing facilities for the production of nanopharmaceuticals being developed in Europe.

It aimed to address the small and medium-scale needs of early phase clinical trials and niche applications, to tackle the bottlenecks in the delivery of these medicines to the market. Furthermore, it supports later stage products with large potential markets, by developing clinically compliant, and sustainable, large-scale manufacturing processes capable of taking these products through to commercial manufacture and supply.

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